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A Letter From Ambassaor of Swaziland


  I arrived here in Taipei, Republic of China, Taiwan in February, 2005.I have spent four wonderful years in which I have enjoyed interacting with Government Officials, the Business Sector, Non-Governmental Organisations as well as many people from different walks of life.


  I have had the pleasure of touring different manufacturing and distribution industries throughout the country, such as, ICT-optic fibre, Television and Cell-phone, tool manufacturing, plastic injection machinery, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, card-board making and many others. I witnessed the technological capabilities and excellence carried out in these industries. At the same time, I have toured many Institutions of Higher learning (universities) and Charity organization as well as experienced many other aspects of development achieved by Taiwan in tourism and was fascinated by Taiwan’s rich culture. All the above have greatly improved my intimate interaction with the lovely people and beautiful landscape of “Formosa”.


  It is my hope and wish that the setting-up of the website for the Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland will further enhance the excellent relationship which happily exist between our two countries and I hope the website will assist in the dissemination of information to everyone who visit this website whether you are planning a trip to Swaziland for business, or as a Tourist or simply want to learn more about our beautiful country with its unique cultural heritage.


  Special thanks goes to Professors in the Department of Communication Arts, especially Dr. Lin, Wei-Kuo, Chair of the Department, Dr. Yang, Tzu-Pao, who made it possible for the students to engage in this project and the last year students from Fu Jen Catholic University; who were all instrumental in setting up this website for the benefit of every person interested in finding more about the Republic of china, Taiwan and the Kingdom of Swaziland.


  Lastly, but not the least, on behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland, I thank you profusely, for visiting our Website and hope it was adequate for whatever you needed to know. Please do not hesitate to contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland directly, for any further inquiries, clarifications and suggestions.









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Time Zone
1,133,066 (July,2007)
17,368 (half of Taiwan)
Sovereign state that is ruled by a Monarch
6 hours behind Taiwan