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GDP and Revenue


Gross Domestic Product
The GDP for the period 2007/8 is estimated at 3.5% from 2.8% the previous year, which indicates a positive trend for two consecutive years, compared with negative performance for 2005/6 when the GDP reduced to only 1.8%.



Total revenue for 2008/9 is estimated at E9.1 billion (E7.9 billion the previous year), while grants are expected to increase to E145 million from E83.2 million.
As always, receipts from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) account for the largest portion of revenue, although at a reduced rate this year: 66.3% of total income against the previous 70.7%. This high proportion is not sustainable due to a predicted decline in import duties with the conclusion of free trade agreements and a decline in tariffs in line with World Trade Organisation requirements. The need for Swaziland to broaden her income base has long been recognised.
Sales tax and personal tax (PAYE) account for 9% and 11% respectively, while corporate tax and other revenue make up 14% of the total.















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1,133,066 (July,2007)
17,368 (half of Taiwan)
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